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Recovery - the road starts here. You may wonder what type of environment you experience when you begin to embark down the road to recovery with a stay at our facility. We are very pleased at your curiosity. Let us take a moment to help you visualize what an experience in our treatment facility would entail.

This comforting, small environment allows the addicted client to relax, experience serenity and opening up to the services being offered. They, in turn, bond with others seeking the same peace of mind, away from the pressures of everyday life and without the use or pressures to use alcohol or drugs to survive.

We offer an extensive and comprehensive array of clinical and therapeutic services for alcoholism, drug dependency, and other associated disorders. These services are offered to adult men. They are custom tailored to each individual, based on his or her specific needs. To ensure that these needs are identified and met, they are assessed during intake and then regularly re-assessed throughout the duration of the treatment regime.

Our staff is robust and well versed in multi-disciplinary treatment practices. They are comprised of credentialed addictions specialists, licensed professionals, facility managers, medical interns, and community outreach coordinators. The majority of these dedicated and inspiring individuals are themselves recovering addicts.

Their personal experience in active addiction and recovery afford a unique insight into the minds of drug and alcohol addicts. They provide the clients with not only a bond of identification, but an ability to break through psychological and cultural barriers. With culturally diverse backgrounds and experiences, the staff at Just One Recovery intimately understands the varying needs of clients suffering from addiction.

Call us today - the call is 100% free and equally as confidential. Let us help you better understand your options, the overall process to recovery, and how it may save your life or the life of someone you know and love. If you prefer, spend a moment and drop us an email. Take the action today and begin down a path that leads to miracles, hope, and recovery.

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